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The Sybian

The name “Sybian” is derived from an ancient Greek city famous as a centre of luxurious living. A Sybarite is defined as a person who likes luxurious things and the Sybian has been designed with the objective of sexual luxury and intense pleasure for women.

A lot of women have a preconception of their sexual capability which is informed by the sexual experiences they have had to date in their lives. Some women have an idea that more may be possible for them, but are not quite sure how to go about reaching their full sexual potential. The Sybian enables women to do this.

This machine guarantees orgasms unlike those which you have ever experienced. From the simple stimulation of the clitoris and vagina to deep penetration and stimulation of the g-spot with multiple orgasms – everything is possible!

The Sybian comes with a range of inserts to suit all tastes small to large, narrow to wide and by using a special insert you can enjoy vaginal and anal stimulation at the same time.

The Sybian can be used alone, or as a couple you can integrate it perfectly in love making. Sybian is already a firm favourite with women and couples all over the world.

Sybian provides simulated intercourse by way of a vaginal insert and two separate controls allowing independent regulation of vibration and rotation over a wide range of speeds. It is a motorised unit encased in a plastic housing with a comfortable padded washable vinyl cover and is powered by a regular house-hold current.

In addition to the insert vibrating, the surface of the insert which extends from the clitoris to the perinea also vibrates. This means that all areas both external and internal receive vibration. The rotation of the insert is controlled by a second dial on the control unit which is easily to hand at the end of a cable extending from the main unit. As the insert rotates it is massaging the whole inner vagina. Each time it passes over the front wall of the vagina it massages the Gräfenberg spot, or G-spot.

The stimulations (vibrate and rotate) can be regulated separately, so the combination of the two over a wide variety of speeds offer many different sensations to suit the varying tastes of women.

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