Rent a Sybian from the specialists

Are you tired of boring sex toys? Are you disappointed with vibrators which only “buzz” but do not achieve what you had hoped for? Do you finally want a sex toy which delivers what it promises?

We hold the view that each woman has the right to reach her full orgasmic potential.
Our partnership with ABCO Research Associates USA” (the manufacturer of “Sybian” and “Venus 2000”) means we make this possible for women all over Europe. The Sybian is a unique device custom designed for the female physique. It was the result of over a few years research by ABCO Research Associates, and its final design was as a result of the collective input of many women.

The experiences of our customers across Europe, and the experiences of Sybian users world-wide clearly demonstrate that multiple orgasms are no extraordinary experience. Many women who have experienced problems reaching an orgasm in the past do so easily with the Sybian. ABCO also have several reports of ‚first orgasm ever‘ while using the Sybian, and other women have become poly-orgasmic through Sybian use having forty or more orgasms per session.

Is the Sybian for you?
Our experience over many years indicates that the Sybian holds appeal for a variety of different people such as:

  • Women who would like breathtaking sexual experiences.
  • Partners of women (both male and female) who would like to grant to their partner such an experience, or enjoy it together with her.
  • Men with health or sexual problems who wish to ensure a rewarding sexual relationship with their partner.
  • Women who wish to use the Sybian to learn more about their bodies and harness their ability to have orgasms.
  • Single women who want to ensure that the relationships they enter into are not rushed based on sexual needs.

On this site we will describe this unique machine, and we will explain to you the functionality of the Sybian. You can also read some of the experiences of our customers in our “Customer Testimonials” section of the website.

The best part of all is that you do not have to outlay the considerable sum of money a Sybian would cost to purchase, with no view as to its suitability for you, because you can rent a unit from our company!

Full rental information can be found under “Rent a Sybian”.

Our company was founded in 2004, and since then we have dealt with thousands of satisfied customers through our rental service of the “Sybian” and the “Venus 2000”.
We are an authorised reciprocal trade agreement partner of “ABCO Research Associates USA” (the manufacturer of “Sybian” and “Venus 2000”) and also an authorised service provider for these machines in Europe.